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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker View Post

The Blueprint: Machida vs. Shogun

By Michael DiSanto


The Merriam Webster Dictionary has multiple definitions for that adjective. Maybe the simplest way to define it is with two words: Lyoto Machida.

15-0 as a professional.

7-0 in the UFC. 1-0 in title fights.

Those numbers are certainly impressive, but they pale in comparison with Machidaís most remarkable fighting accomplishment. In 17 rounds of UFC competition, the reigning UFC Light Heavyweight Champion has yet to lose a single round.

Think about that for a moment. Machida hasnít lost a single round in any of his fights. That qualifies as insane.

To put Machidaís streak of flawlessness into perspective, Anderson Silva, the sportís universally recognized pound-for-pound king, had three losses on his record through his first 15 professional fights. And while he is undefeated in the UFC, just like Machida, he has not won all 18 of his rounds of Octagon competition.

Enough said!!!!
Noone is perfect.

One day he will lose. I pray it doesnt distory him. How can you be a true warrior if you have never failed, or never had a set back, never learned from a mistake...and when it happens, if your not used to it, the longer before it happens...the worst it will be.

I doubt he'll lose to Rua...but it will eventually happen...this kinda stupid propagander makes me cringe
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