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My brother and cousin both shoot Bowtech! Its a good bow! Ive never been a Mathews fan and recently I went to London Kentucky for an IBO shoot and met the Mathews girl. Biggest snob Ive EVER seen! Needless to say I wasnt impressed and I was really excited about meeting her. Just confirmed my feelings for Mathews.

I havent hunted, Im not saying that I never will but Im not sure I have the heart to kill anything right now but foam! I do alot of 3D shooting. I have posted some of my shooting pics here on my profile. I started shooting 3D because I felt like I never saw my husband. If you cant beat them join them, right? So I started shooting and really liked it, and turns out Im really good at it. I love the people we meet and the fact that no matter where we go to shoot it can be a family thing. Too bad you lost your 3D course, its so much fun. Im so glad I became a part of this forum. People have been so nice and accepting. Thank you for welcoming me into the family !

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Yes Ma'am, i do . Hoyt is passible lol . Im a bowtech fan myself . Cant stand them mathews shooters lol.

I mainly just hunt . We did hold a 30 target 3d shoot the last 3 years , once a month but the turn out just wasnt that good so we sold off all the targets and gave it up lol.

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