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Fedor has fought at about 225 I think even 220 for the Mirko fight (i have to check)
I think if Anderson moved up and Fedor came down that would be the MMA fight of the century. Anderson's striking would be awesome, but I honestly think Fedor would bully him on the ground. Anderson's striking would be better but i think Fedor would beat him up. IMHO. But who know's.

AS long as Gerry Millan is any part of Fedor's camphe will never go to the UFC. That guy is a freaking psycho. Fedor's managment seems like cool guys, but Millan is a cancer in the MMA world. did anyone else see Road to Reckoning where Gerry totally rips off Dana's blog idea and spends most of the weak pranking Dana's phone and sending texts to him. It's annoying.
"Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear - not absence of fear."
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