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Originally Posted by County Mike
A tourniquet around the neck will eventually stop the bleeding.

Well people, its big and its deep, it probably should need stiches, but its in sooo the wrong place, so we got it to stop bleeding and then encased it in proper bandages my Mother had

Then...she said she would buy me a newer and better Busbi...this one has a zoom and works inside aswell as was going to be my Birthday present...but...well, we're almost at my Birthday so she gave it to me today...havent used it yet though...BUT it does take cards....sooo as soon as its properly charged...I can download the videos from the old busbi using it and upload my blog and UFN recap video tonight. It also takes still photos...which my other one didnt...soooo thats fantastic!! this will come in handy when I go to the U.S...also it doesnt use has to be charged...soo I dont need to mess around with that...finally it comes with a three year guarentee!!!!
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