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Originally Posted by NateR
Baseball has been looking more and more disgraceful over the years and I come from a family whose lives practically revolved around the St. Louis Cardinals and the World Series. But it's just become so hard to follow the sport now without getting frustrated with the blatant corruption.

I don't think the sport needs to die, maybe it just needs a reboot. All-new management, all-new players. Just let it disappear for a couple of years and then rebuild it again from scratch.
I agree with you and many other people who think Baseball has some big problems facing it right now, but I would not call it blatant corruption, at least not on a level that is any more so than any other pro sports league, including the UFC. What I don't understand is the idea that the league somehow needs to be broken apart and rebuilt. Baseball is actually doing good right now, despite all the problems. People are actually caring again, and a big part of that has been Bud Selig. Baseball has tightened up their drug testing policies NOW, but the reason people are making such a stink about this is because of the big names involved the steroid controversy. You can't just rebuild our nation's pastime from scratch. This league is important to our country, and it should be cleaned up, but not torn down.

People need to remember that Baseball never had rules about what substances were banned until a few years ago. Before that, a lot of guys used different things to help them get an edge in training but not all of those guys were injecting HGH and being sneaky about it. Some guys were taking suppliments that were bought legally over the counter, like Mark McGwire, but now he's got a black cloud over his head. Basically, people are just looking at the actions of a few and making sweeping generalizations about the entire league.
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