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Originally Posted by Shoots like a girl View Post
Thats awesome, my little guy is 5 and he loves trains, I definately have to take him for a train ride!
I did discover that the one thing lacking in America which I consider essential, is a good public transport system. Within the cities one has a reduced metro-system, both Washington DC and Chicago could do with an extention. Where is the bus service? you have coaches for city to city travel...but what about getting around town.

You train system from what I have seen is adequet...unless you want to go to Wyoming... ...but your trains are really nice! there is leg room, people are put on the car which is associated with the specific disembarkment station, and once tickets have been collected, you can go to the fabulous observation deck...and thats wonderful...a brilliant touch...also a lot of your trains are double deckers...and thats VERY clever and handy...I liked that indeed....also they were GREAT value for money...absolutely awesome value in that respect...even long distance...overnight they effectively are providing accomodation...and VERY granted I went coach class...but that will always do for me I think...and so far as I know you can upgrade enroute if you wish.

All the trains ran on time, they need more space on the stations in the large cities because of the luggage carriers, there isnt much space...but thats nothing really...I love Amtrak...
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