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Unhappy cant get it to stopp bleeding

its my own fault...but my busbi has been acting up and today I went to push the connector into the hole, and the hole that it goes into fell back inside the machine casing.

I had to try and deconstruct the busbi which has three screws...I have no screwdriver, and the screws are less the 3 mm in diameter...used a knife, knife sliped, cut myself...badly cut myself...cant get it to stop.

its a cut possibly about a cm long in the bottom of my right first finger from nail down to first joint. first I tried to apply presure through some tissues, that didnt work, blood just seeped through, then I tried to stem it with a cotton buddy, but the just got engulfed in the cut. 15 mins past, It was still bleeding so I ran it underwater, and its slowed enough to put a plaster on, but its the only plaster I got.

I might add Mother happened to ring right when I was trying to clean myself up, im typing with one finger on my right hand still suprisingly fast actually. Soooo I'm going over to see her and she will have more plasters. I've got a high painthreshold indeed, but I did make a when my finger split down that kitchen knife...that hurt...and it hurt when I put it under the cold running water aswell...but it doesnt really hurt so much now....the plaster seems to be holding soooo perhaps its stopped bleeding now, but I think the moment that plaster comes off it'll begin again.

soooooo forget my bloody video blog and my UFN recap video...which are done but trapped on the machine...I'm sick of them...they are good...but they are amateur and they are crap and they are pissing me off. soooooo I shall look to get a better type....because its not worth the 30pounds every bloody quarter with how they are badly made

I'm feeling sad now
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