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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
Hold up. I'm not wishing it will fail because I don't like it. I'm wishing it will fail because the players cheat by using drugs, they're already rich and then bitch they're not making enough money and go on strike, and they don't even have a salary cap. Teams like the Yankees will always have high ticket sales, charge more for tickets, get major advertising endorsements, sell more food and beverage items, etc. Because of this, they will constantly buy the best players and keep the stands full every game of the year. Other teams, say for example, the KC Royals, will NEVER be able to compete because of the salary cap. The top teams will always be on top while the other teams will always be on bottom.

What I'd hope, is that a new company could emerge from all this controversy but the average MLB fan could seem to care less if their sport is tainted.

Fair enough, but you did say, "I hope MLB goes down, it's a boring sport anyways". To me, and lots of other people, that is stupid. I agree with you about the problems facing baseball, but obviously the Yankees are wasting money, because look at where they ended up last post season, lol.

Also, just because SOME of the players have been caught doping does not mean the whole league should fail. There have been people caught using roids in the UFC also, I don't want the UFC to fail.

Yes, players have bitched about being payed more, and some players don't deserve it the amounts they get, but a LOT do. I always find that it's easy for people who are not rich to try and grill rich people for wanting to make more money, as if thats a crime or something. Also, its funny when the people hating on what the players make don't have any comprehension of what those franchises are making in profits. That is part of what is wrong with the UFC, they are not fairly compensating their fighters in comparison to what they making in profits.
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