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Originally Posted by Shoots like a girl View Post
What part of Indiana? Im just over the Illinois/Indiana state line. Trains are very common here but sadly, Ive never ridden one!
Youve never been in a train

Well I think I know where you mean....I went up across the very top of the state and directly into Chicago...then later...I went back again, out of chicago...and across the top under Michigan and into Ohio, then sorta along the top of that to Pensylvania, and then sorta diagonally through that state down and dipping into west Virginia and hovering near their through Maryland all the way to Washington DC

I also took a train from Washington DC to Richmond Virginia and back, and a Train from Chicago to Galesburg, and a Train from Saint Louis Missouri to Chicago...

that was the American trains...I had to board three trains one way in England.

A total of 16 trains....four of which were metro trains in Washington DC to and from the hotel, and to and from hotel to station

But...I also had to fly...thats three thats 6 planes

I also did coaches, two in the US and one in England, thats three...and then taxis I got one to the station in england, one to the hotel in richmond, one to CSC in richmond one to the hotel in iowa, one returned journey from MFS, one back to the station in Moline from the hotel...the use of Bens car thrice, and aarons car once, taxi to and from hit squad gym took me four cars, Eight taxis, Three Coaches, Six Planes and 16 trains to do what I did, in 3 diferent countries, nine different states and a district for 19 days at five different hotels

not...that you wanted to know that...OOOO I was also passing through Ohio at exactly the same time Rich Franklin got Tko'd in Nevada...course he wasnt in Ohio at the time...and it was the middle of the night so I couldnt see a thing...I havent told him yet...I've been avoiding him because he's gone all quiet since the loss...
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