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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Actually it wasn't. Your just missing what I am saying.. maybe I made it too complex.

It was a smack down in my opinion. Soooooo close.. and then.. smack.. done.

Over paid and extremely self centered, on the whole compared to MMA fighters.. when you take the number of active NFL players and compare that to active MMA fighters in major organazations, is about one MMA guy to 42 NFL players.. roughly..

Tickets to "Pro Sports" are insanly high, and fewer and fewer people are willing to pay kings ransoms to watch spoiled rich kids, and thugs.. on the whole. Get the team back into a team sport.. and I would care again.. maybe.. but my point was that in MMA, an individual sport, you see more team work and such than you do in football and baseball and even basketball...
No, I did not miss what you said, it was a lame attempt at sounding deep. Kinda like the entire point you are trying to make here. You make some decent points, but those points are latent with comments that are just silly and make no sense. Like this one...

in MMA, an individual sport, you see more team work and such than you do in football and baseball and even basketball...

Seriously, I bet without using the web you couldn't name 2 players on every team in the NFL, NBA, or MLB. Yet, you seem to have this insider knowledge on the ratio of people who are getting arrested in other leagues compared to MMA. Quit talking out of your ass, or at least stuff a breath mint up there so it's not so smelly.

As for a king's ransom, that's just hilarious. Why are stadiums still selling out all over the place? I can still get tickets to ANY major team in Chicago or Phoenix for far less than $100 a ticket. If you can't afford that, YOU are the one with the problem, not the teams.

Its funny how you fail to realize just how many spoiled brats and thugs are fighters too. Funny how no matter what negative point is made about MMA you would still sit there and say "it's better than team sports". Really man, everyone gets it, you don't like team sports. Nobody cares.

So get out of the Sports section and just talk about MMA if you hate team sports so much. I never disagreed with you that other pro-sports have people with problems, but you fail to recognize the problems with MMA and just want to prop it up while trying to bash other sports. Quite simply, you are just a hater. I appreciate a nice lively discussion, and I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong about something, but you are just out to hate on other sports and talk down your nose rather than have an intelligent discussion. You blindly ignoring facts and using made up ratios is where it makes it impossible to debate with you.

PS - You can hate on the Cardinals all you like, because we all know that it's proving your point and not just making you look like punk.
At least the Cardinals made it to the show. Too bad you couldnt afford tickets to the Panthers last home game in the playoffs, then you could have seen a real ass whooping. Next time AZ comes to town, let me know and I will buy you a couple tickets so Larry Fitzgerald can you show you how it's done.

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