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Default KenFlo training with GSP for Penn

We don't know whether we'll ever see a fight between BJ Penn and Kenny Florian, but if they do collide, Florian will be training with the man that dominated Penn:

Also slated to make his way down to the "Beautiful Province" for training is Team Sityodtong member Kenny Florian, who looks to benefit from a full training camp with Zahabi and St-Pierre before taking on Penn for the lightweight title later this year.

Florian and Penn is a fascinating fight because we don't know what to expect from BJ. He could come out extremely hungry and ready to prove a point, or he could be a shell of his former self following such a devastating loss.

Florian doesn't have the power or wrestling to implement the same strategy St. Pierre did, but I expect that GSP has a lot of other things to share with Florian about his experience fighting Penn. Among the more important points St. Pierre has made is Penn's inability to deal with body attacks and his weaker core. Perhaps a gameplan oriented around body kicks could lead Florian to victory. Florian did an excellent job using body attacks to keep Joe Stevenson and Roger Huerta off balance.
Smart move I guess, apparently GSP knows what to do.
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