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Read it again.. think about it.. maybe read it slowly...

No need to re-read it. It was poor use of grammar the first time I read it.


Pleas do go on.. please.. Justin and 'Page... reported mental issues..Bring some more... I can give you prolly 15 for every one....

So them "reporting" mental issues excuses the actions? Or are you just trying to downplay it because they are fighters?

and we aren't talking about pay.. we are talking about the individual fighters.... and again.. if you look at the numbers... compare the violent crimes of "major sports" to MMA.. look at drug use.. I am not talking about the fewer MMA fighters compared to other athletes, do a ratio.. "Pro Sports" do not foster a team atmosphere any more.. it's about the individual.. where as MMA is about the individual fighter.. and that fighter (if they are worth anything) KNOWS that they are squat without their team...
You are WRONG. Plenty of players in all the leagues have great sportsmanship, and are great team players, but you are too busy being a hater to see that. Of course there are bad seeds, but that comes with any LARGE group of people, even in MMA. Do you just forget about all the less than sportsmalike conduct we see from a lot of fighters all the time?

As for comparing "violent crimes" and "drug use", you have NO way of FAIRLY gauging that. If you are ONLY comparing fighters in the UFC to all of the players in the NFL, NBA, and MLB then you need to realize how many more active players there are in those leagues then there are active fighters in the UFC. More people equals more problems, period.

I also doubt you truly have any real knowledge of every single player and fighters personal and criminal histories to say one group is worse than another. You should not condemn an entire sport or group of sports because of the actions of a few.

MMA has no problem paying it's fighters.. MMA is the sport. they don't write the checks... so your post has no substance either.. at least not one that I can see.
The UFC represents pro MMA, you are not dumb, you know what I meant. Besides, it's not like the UFC is the only company who has been underpaying it's fighters.

Yep. but none of mine.. when I can take me and my family to see a AAA Charlotte Knights game for under $50 (including parking) and get a free fireworks show.. there is no way I will pay Field Level $350 per seat per Game for a yankee game.. and players that are trying harder.. and teams that are working harder..
That is FINE, don't give them your money. Nobody cares. People are still buying tickets and going to games. Sure players in the minors are trying hard, BECAUSE THEY WANT TO BE IN THE PROS. However just because you don't want to pay what it costs for a Yankee game does not mean that teams in the pros are not playing hard too. On that note, what about the cost of tickets to a UFC event? LOL!

When a fighter is getting 3 grand for a fight.. sure they should get more.
Umm, yeah

I reluctantly do nothing


Sponsor money and per fight/contract money are different things..
Umm yeah... but SO WHAT? The UFC should not be basing it's payscale around "perceived" dollar amounts that fighters may or may not be getting from potential sponsors.

No, it's not incorrect. The biggest fighters are not making the numbers they should be on the main events and especially the super-fights. Sure, they pay out bonuses and untold amounts to the biggest guys, but the PPV numbers alone are a dead giveaway that the reported fighter purses are grossly disproportionate to the UFC's profit margin.

again.. two different checks. But I do feel that the prelim-fighters should get more.. and even some of the top talent also.. but you do know that no one is forced to fight for the UFC.. but that is a circular argument..
They are not forced to, but if they wannna be a pro fighter in MMA the UFC is the top of the heap.

depends on who you talk to.. and just about every fighter in the world want to fight in the UFC.. so I guess it "ain't all that'
I never said the UFC was not the top promotion. I just said they are grossly underpaying their fighters.

10 grand for 15 minutes work??? insurance once you hit the arena til you leave? I would do it.. But I would sure like more.. but what exactly is your problem.. by your statement.. it's ok to get KO'ed ikn front of 10 people for 10 grand???

10 grand to possibly be killed or seriously injured? You just don't get it. Just because 10 grand seems like a lot of money to you does not mean it's fair compensation for the what you are providing a multi-million dollar company.

I never said it would be okay in front of 10 people, but doing it in front of millions is much more embarrassing. What are you smoking?

So I say don't pay the NBA guys so much.. that way your famous franchises don't make as much.. and instead of over 100 bucks for me and my wife to GET IN THE DOOR to watch the Panthers play.. (no parking, no food), they can lower ticket prices... hmmmmm
Sorry, but I say too bad for you. If you cannot afford 100 bucks, then don't go. UFC ticket prices are MUCH worse than 100 bucks if you wanna get on the floor. Just because you don't like the ticket prices does not mean they should lower them when they are still selling out stadiums, that is simple supply and demand. There is also more too it than just ticket prices. There is merchandising and other functions that generate revenue for those teams, and players are entitled to chunks of those profits as well. It's the basics of any industry. The workers deserve to be fairly compensated for their contribution to the success of a business.

No to disagree with Matt.. but if it was.. were are all the people getting busted for it?

Dude, people get busted all the time, quit friggin downplaying it just to hate on other sports, thats really lame. Lest you forget that there are more promotions than just the UFC and it's no secret that roids are all over gyms.

ok. Your wrong.

You fail. I was referring to the comment about what Matt had said. Unless you can prove that wrong, just STFU.

It is a problem in all sports, not just one, so again, you fail.

No it didn't. Andthose numbers are really much higher than that. It was basic math. I really thought that most people would see the ratio.. and understand the higher math behind my statement..

Sorry you didn't understand.
Umm, yeah I get your ratio, but it is ridiculous and made up. You don't have factual information that backs up that ratio so basically you are just talking out of your rear end. The only link you posted, which was not even linked, was about a Cardinals player in a lame attempt to take a shot at me because I am challenging your narrow minded thought process with intelligent points and discussion.


I do... I watched the Cards get smacked down... ah well...

As for some player thanking his coach.. or his sponsor.. I guess I could have blinked...
Obviously you don't, because that was not a smack down. That was a good game. The smack down was what the Cardinals did to the Panthers. Of course you are not going to talk about the good players who do thank God, coaches, family, and fans, you are too busy being a hater. It happens every game and in interviews all the time. Again, what are you smoking?

Some players thank their sponsers in interviews, but you just keep mentioning it because of HOW MUCH fighters HAVE to do it. The reason the fighters HAVE to thank their sponsors a billion times after a fight is because the sponsors in MMA are tiny companies that need all the advertising they can get and they insist that they do it, and that sponsorship money is usually a big chunk of revenue to the already grossly underpaid UFC fighter.

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