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Originally Posted by Tyburn
What is wrong with Neers left arm?? Why does he keep doing...that! He keeps dropping his left wonder he's been floored by Danzig in the last mo of the last round...he keeps drawing circles with that arm...its a bum arm methinks.

wouldnt touch gloves start of round two...Neer needs to stop hitting the back of the head when Danzig is in his guard...and id like to know WHAT Josh was muttering in the mo before the submission victory
No, Dave, his arm wasn't hurt; he was just being a punk! At least, that's how that came off to me--reminded me of Rashad who I also don't care for. I wasn't a big Danzig fan while he was on TUF, but, I did want him to win, not Neer. I didn't realize Neer was with MFS.
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