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Originally Posted by Jonlion
It happens. the coming of the heads is eachothers fault, its just unfortunate but its gonna happen when you have two men fighting.

The eye poke did look nasty but again, it was never intentional.

I don't think it changed things for the fight, Fraklin was always going to win the 3rd round but never finish it.

So Hendo still wins, 29-28 in my view.
I dont think it would have changed the result...and the headbutt, your right looked accidental...but the eyepoke looked deliberate on the replay...I mean because it was a finger and not a thumb...if he's punching, what is he doing with his fingers uncurled so close to Franklins face????

Even if its unitentional...I think fighters should be punished for it on the scorecards...and I also think its one too many in one fight for a maineventer, He either did it deliberately or was just careless...eitherway...the eyepoke shouldnt have happened...and more people should be pointing this out...I cant tell you how many journalists have avoided it all together...but they'll scream and Rua for his performance...
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