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Originally Posted by Tyburn View Post
it was only a matter of time. The kid had issues on TUF, then overnight he became what do you think happened to those issues?? I'll tell you what, they festered and bubbled until they blew up in his reformed face...anxiety can often be because people have issues that they cant deal with and the issues wont go away and eventually thats the form they come out in.

What he needed was help. ALONG time ago...and I remember saying this during TUF...that the UFC should have forced him to get help, then, and there.

But I think what he said was words. I dont think he'd hurt others intentionally...but I suspect he'd hurt himself given half the chance. He lashed out because he felt like a caged animal...litterally...that was not about harming the individuals, it was about escaping them. Without help I think he could be a danger to himself.

Not that anyone on here seems to care...but I think some of us have taken the wrong attidude about this. Lets not pretend some of us havent enjoyed making fun of basic exploitation of a humanbeing with some level of mental ill-health. Lets not pretend some of us have paid good money for a multimillion dollar company to further exploit the same individual for our sheer enjoyment.

There are several on TUF who the UFC should have helpped. He was one, War Machine was another...and there are various others...and YES as an employer it was partially their responsibility, and YES, they could have forced help upon these athletes...they, quite possibly might be the only people able to have done that without crime or prison time.

So next time you want to make a sherdog thread out of an issue like this, I suggest you all think about what your doing first.
The UFC does not have to "help" anybody in that way.

In my opinion, the UFC needs to completely sever any ties they have to people who do stupid things like this. When Rampage went crazy, the UFC should have dropped him like a bad habit, but we all knew that wouldn't happen. Junie should have never even been given an opportunity to compete on TUF, but we also know TUF is nothing more than an elaborate joke designed for ratings.

UFC cannot force anybody to get "help". Junie is an ADULT, and he is responsible for his own actions, just like everybody else in this world. You seem to be convinced that Junie would never actually hurt anybody, but the fact is he ALREADY DID. Anxiety or not, people have to learn how to rationally deal with their problems.

I thinks it's ridiculous when people act like things like "anxiety" or "depression" are a serious mental health issue. Everybody has to deal with anxiety and depression in their lives, people who do things like what Junie and Rampage did are only in need of one kind of help, and that is a good swift kick in the ass. That kind of behavior is almost always drug or alcohol induced and it is a pathetic cry for attention. Somebody call the Waaaambulance.

You know what I think would help? Let him stay in jail for a bit, that usually does a good job of making people realize how stupid they are being. Although, it probably won't change much in the long run, because some people in this world are just bullies and brats, and no matter what happens they act like tools.

I am all for seeing people turn their life around, but I have little compassion for people who act like spoiled little children when they have so much going for them. I personally hope we never have to hear about him again in an MMA report.
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