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Originally Posted by NateR View Post
You would have to send it to Todd if you want to get anything done.
I think that Todd is better on the Ground, and you are better know he asked me what I was able to talk to you for 45 mins about on the phone

I told him that I must have been a priority, and I told him if he ever wanted you to do dunno...reply to a PM or something...just to put "URGENT" on it.

always works for me

But...after Nathan, to be fair, Todd is excellent at coordinating things...he like told me how he deals with all the internationals that stay at the gym, you know, must meet them, induct them into the dorms...must keep in contact, and also keep on top of all the different guys fighting in different places...sometimes at the same time.

So if anyone is serious about actually contacting or visiting the gym...then that all goes through Todd
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