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Like i say he hasn't done anything yet.........................

But it was a fine speech and did get my attention, in fact the speech was brilliant. I see now why people will follow him but as said i await his actions.

It is wrong in so many ways but your new leader now means the world is blinded in love about it. Wrongly! But it presents a fine opportunity to sort out a lot things, this new found optimism and hope has come in the wrong way but its here and so i hope it is harnessed correctly.

Ha ha, Karl Marx himself could be voted president and America would never become Communist, so Obama will never acheive it either and i dont think he wants to!

I really liked it when he spoke about American values and what you stand upon and through that get out of this mess. Well i mean he has a fine speech writer!

The bit about waiting in the cold and winter when all survives is hope, it was good, just a shame it was about beating the hell out of the Brits!!!!!

But anyway, all the best!
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