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Originally Posted by JB Rattlesnake

Spirit, your logic is just flawed, and your other post DOES NOT make sense. "It isn't the fault of the users, it's a fault in the athlete"?! WTF?
Read it again.. think about it.. maybe read it slowly...

Seriously, while you were busy going on a tirade about Cardinals players getting arrested and Kobe Bryant being a rapist, you seem to forget about people like Rampage Jackson going on a literal rampage, and people like Justin Levens murdering his girlfriend then killing himself. I could go on. MMA has had it's problems, besides just grossly underpaying their fighters. We have seen fixed fights, questionable title-shots, and constant accusations of cheating.

Pleas do go on.. please.. Justin and 'Page... reported mental issues..Bring some more... I can give you prolly 15 for every one....

and we aren't talking about pay.. we are talking about the individual fighters.... and again.. if you look at the numbers... compare the violent crimes of "major sports" to MMA.. look at drug use.. I am not talking about the fewer MMA fighters compared to other athletes, do a ratio.. "Pro Sports" do not foster a team atmosphere any more.. it's about the individual.. where as MMA is about the individual fighter.. and that fighter (if they are worth anything) KNOWS that they are squat without their team...

MMA has no problem paying it's fighters.. MMA is the sport. they don't write the checks... so your post has no substance either.. at least not one that I can see.

You act like you are sitting on some high horse by saying that guys in the NBA, MLB, and NFL are overpaid, when in reality you are not taking into account WHY those players are paid what they are. Those franchises make a LOT of money,
Yep. but none of mine.. when I can take me and my family to see a AAA Charlotte Knights game for under $50 (including parking) and get a free fireworks show.. there is no way I will pay Field Level $350 per seat per Game for a yankee game.. and players that are trying harder.. and teams that are working harder..

Unlike in the UFC, the biggest stars are compensated FAIRLY and HANDSOMELY for their role in putting asses in the seats. The rest of the guys get paid good because they have unions that see to it. That is not wrong, that is FAIR. Actually, I could even make an argument that players in the NFL are getting shafted by the league because the NFL refuses to open it's books and show what they are really making in profit.
When a fighter is getting 3 grand for a fight.. sure they should get more.

In one breath you reluctantly try to bring yourself to agree with me by saying you think all fighters should get paid more,
I reluctantly do nothing.

but that you think they are doing okay because sponsors take care of them. So which is it? Are they making enough money or not?
Sponsor money and per fight/contract money are different things..

Bottom line is the UFC underpays ALL their fighters,

and the ones at the bottom of the totem poll are hardly raking in the big bucks from sponsorship deals.
again.. two different checks. But I do feel that the prelim-fighters should get more.. and even some of the top talent also.. but you do know that no one is forced to fight for the UFC.. but that is a circular argument..

Then on top of it, the UFC pays them peanuts to come in and get knocked out. Yeah, that's really honorable busiiness practices.
depends on who you talk to.. and just about every fighter in the world want to fight in the UFC.. so I guess it "ain't all that'


Send a guy out to get KO'd in front of millions of people for 10 grand,
10 grand for 15 minutes work??? insurance once you hit the arena til you leave? I would do it.. But I would sure like more.. but what exactly is your problem.. by your statement.. it's ok to get KO'ed ikn front of 10 people for 10 grand???

while some 2nd stringer in the NBA is getting league minimum and STILL making more money than the highest paid fighter on any UFC card.
So I say don't pay the NBA guys so much.. that way your famous franchises don't make as much.. and instead of over 100 bucks for me and my wife to GET IN THE DOOR to watch the Panthers play.. (no parking, no food), they can lower ticket prices... hmmmmm

As for banned substances being rampant in MMA, IT IS, deal with it. In fact, if I am not mistaken, I believe it was only a year or two ago where I read that Matt Hughes himself said there is a LOT of people doing it.
No to disagree with Matt.. but if it was.. were are all the people getting busted for it?

Somebody please correct me on that if I am wrong. It is a problem in ALL sports right now, not just ONE.
ok. Your wrong.

Your statistics on the number of people arrested is just funny. Seriously, did you forget how many MORE players are in those leagues? Really? Did all logic simply escape you when typing that?
No it didn't. Andthose numbers are really much higher than that. It was basic math. I really thought that most people would see the ratio.. and understand the higher math behind my statement..

Sorry you didn't understand.

But the ONE thing you said that shows me you don't know what you are talking about is THIS...

When was the last time you heard a pro quarter back say "thanks" to "nike", when was the last time you heard a center say... "this game is dedicated to ..."...
Or thanks to my coaches...

Next time maybe you should actually watch football before you comment on it...

I do... I watched the Cards get smacked down... ah well...

As for some player thanking his coach.. or his sponsor.. I guess I could have blinked...
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