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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
I really don't think it is a bad idea .. what is there about 5-600 prisoners? are keeping them in gitmo really going to make a difference? send them to switzerland and get it over with .. use the resources for something better ... most of these guys will probably never go back as soldiers and the ones that are stupid enough to will either be killed in battle and probably won't have any impact on strikes against the west ... but you may be right ... imagine the fall out that would happen if another attack on US soil occurs and it turns out that the mastermind was a released gitmo prisoner ... i don't think it would happen, but you never know ... i just think the US should not bother with these pawns and worry about the masterminds ..
it says there are only 250 of them.

The point is, you cant detain someone without a free trial. Especially in America where you are innocent until proven guilty...thats half the reason why Guantanamo isnt actually in the United States but on Cuba.

Bush had already pledged to close it, and had already set up trials. However, I dont think the United States needs to bear any responsibliities for what happens to them if they go home. Thats surely not Americas concern is it, nor fault if something happens to them back home. Neither should they be throwing inmates at Europe.

IF they have wrongly imprisoned someone for years and made it impossible for them to go home, they oughta be brought into the United States...after all, if innocent, its the US Governments fault and not theres.
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