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Originally Posted by medic92
I've never run the numbers, but I'm almost positive if you ran the stats, you'd find that our biggest troubles with school shootings and other juvenile crime rates started going up shortly after the removal of the Ten Commandments from school and the Roe vs. Wade decision. Morality and respect for human life started going downhill right around the early to mid-70's and I think a correlation can be drawn between those two events and the various troubles we've had with kids these days.
I'm not that Superstitious...however, the 1960-present day showed a shift in whats known as "Zeitgeist" and the birth of Post-Modernity. Post-Modernity believes in something called Moral Relativity and denies something called Absolute Truth. Zeitgeist is German for Spirit of the Time, what it means, to use...I think a Goffman phrase...but could be another Post-Modernist Philosopher...Zeitgeists are seasons within something known as "The Grande Narrative" Something about Human progression, and the continual cycles of political evolution.

It was something we touched on briefly in my degree...I wasnt much cop at it to be fair....the problem with Post-Modernity is it says "anything goes" therefore people end up more distressed because they are overwhelmed by choices and possiblities, and there is no guide to what should and shouldnt happen. Its bollox...but alot of people caught it after the second world war...for three reasons, first, in Europe a whole generation of men had been wiped from the face of the Earth...who was left to bring up the kids? The Women who were doing what? breaking the taboos and going to work, and learning to vote, breaking the stereotype of what a victorian woman was. Thirdly, it was a reaction to the end of rationing after the war, ushering in a different age of music, and a load of hippies to boot. Whilst the Novelty had worn off by the 80s...the fragmented society still existed...THATS whats responsible for the removal of the ten commandments, and whats responsible for the rise in crime, it effects everything negatively IMHO.

We need to go back to Ancient Times, The Classical had two many gods, the dark ages had too much bloodshed, the middleages had to much dogma, the Ren was just...queer, the Enlightenment was too ridgid, Modernism was too fleeting and equaly vulgar, and post-modernity is empty.

I say bring back the Devine Right of Kingship...but then I would, I live under a monarch who Believes, and so do I, that she was chosen and annointed by GOD to serve her people....Her Husband aint to well at present...I mean, really aint to well...
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