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Originally Posted by medic92
Various atheist groups have been fighting for years to have the "under God" part taken out of the pledge, and they've been trying to get in banned under the phantom "separation of church and state" from the Constitution.

If I'm not mistaken, the "under God" portion of the pledge was actually added to the original pledge in 1956, but I can't be positive off the top of my head.
Yes, "under GOD" was added in the 1950s to help define our war against Communism, since Communist governments at the time embraced atheism and sought to outlaw religion entirely. Hence the common term, "those GODless Communists!"

I definitely don't believe it needs to be removed. Since those two words have been added to our Pledge of Allegiance, America has enjoy a period known as "the Golden Age of Capitalism" and we survived the Cold War and emerged as the lone World Power on the planet. Sure things aren't great now, but the last thing you want to do is abandon GOD during a tough time.
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