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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
Wow, I didn't know Ryan Davis was the new boxing coach. He's a really tough fighter.
yes he is.

They have Ryan Davis who is an active Professional Boxer, they have some local active fireman I believe who comes and teaches the kickboxing, I didnt meet him thought, they have Kyle Watson who does all kinds of tournements from grappling to bjj to MMA, they have Marc Fiore who has been a wrestling coach for the army and for the olympic thingy I think he mentions it in the interview, they of course have Robbie Lawler, and Matt Hughes, they have Todd who is basically day-to-day front of house he also does personal training, sorts out the dorm, and they used to have Matt Pena, of course he was MFS prior to their is no denying two interesting things about this gym...first they are almost all active in their own rights away from the gym...the coaches are the pupils in the other coaches that was fascinating to see, in the evening Kyle taught his class...but in the morning he was in Marc Fiores jellybeans. The second thing is they all have exceptional skills in their backgrounds.

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