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Originally Posted by Moose
Am I the only one who thinks Bisping has a shot if he can last all 15 minutes? Hendo looked really flat in that last round, like maybe to the tune of getting upset, until that finger kind of sealed the deal.

I still Hendo has got everything to get the title at MW and i think he is an awesoen fighter. My heart and my head say Hendo takes it easy BUT you could be right.

If Bisping moves, plays a smart fight, stuff's take downs then he could end up scoring an upset on points, the only way he'll do it!

I think either way the result isn;t good.

I want Hendo to fight the SPider again because i think he can take him out.

However whilst Bisping would lose to Anderson, i'd like him to get a shot at it. i mean the UFC have been building him to it for 2 years, so i'd like the chance to watch him fight and lose for the title!

I just think if he loses to Dan, where does he go after that?
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