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Originally Posted by rockdawg21
I guess it's just our way of showing how proud we are.

I guess that's what you'd call it, but IMO, there's nothing wrong with teaching kids to be [overly] patriotic.
You'll Excuse Germany, if they dont feel quite the same way. I can cope with a flag, its an object, It has no meaning beyond that which is put into it...I dont like the idea of doing it to a person, people do things, they, unlike objects are dangerous and fallable. There is a very fine line between Patriotism and Nationalism.

I wish I could fly a flag...should have seen my Land Lords face when he did the inspection last year and discovered the Wall sized American Flag pinned to my living room wall, its partly hidden with all kinds of memorabilia stuck to it. I dont know where to get an English one can buy American ones in Wal-mart...coz thats where I got CANT buy them in English shops...I'd have to order online...cant be arsed

I had no idea you took some kinda vow everyday...may I enquire as to what exactly that entails...
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