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Originally Posted by Tyburn
This probably doesnt need to get out LOL, many Europeans find Americans far to patriotic as it is...without having a life size effigy of their President in some kinda morning oath taking.

I'm slightly you guys really have a flag hanging inside all your you really make your children chant some patriotic oath everyday?? is this normal...or just...
I guess it's just our way of showing how proud we are. We win wars (when the government isn't f'ing everything up - aka Vietnam), guess that unity is our strength.

As for an oath to the flag every morning, yes, that occurs in all public schools. In Texas, they even have an oath to the Texas flag (we didn't do that in Missouri where I'm originally from). I guess that's what you'd call it, but IMO, there's nothing wrong with teaching kids to be [overly] patriotic.
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