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Time for more interviews...actually these two are of training. There is Charles Hackman who I talk to a lot on line, I have NO idea how I found him though and the other one is Brian Foster...listen to the conversation right in the last second of his weight lifting between Todd and Him blesssssssss

Mr Tim McKinnon, you will remember him as the author of the Pulver Biographical entitled Never this was taken outside MFS

Okay so there is a bit of a story to the guy in the background. His name is Zach and he was the first person I met when I returned alone to MFS, he was really nice to me on both of my solitary visits. He spent time talking to me, but we didnt do an interview or anything

This is me in Chicago, I'm down near the harbour there is a huge fountain with a dedication to someone called Buckingham

this is Marc Fiore during practise. He didnt look very happy, bit of a task master

Believe it or not this is Brian Foster back in training allready sorry its a bit blurry he moved unexpectedly

There was this sports game of some sort, could have been American Football, and Robbie Lawler got upset coz someone made a bad call, or something I dont know, but he wasnt very pleased about it, gave quite an animated rant about it. that attracted the attention of this rather strange guy, who then latched on to Lawler and they talked more about whatever sport it was...I kinda lost interest after that

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