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See they would never dare do anything like this in English Schools...not quite sure what this "pledge of alligience" business is your talking about...that sounds abit...nationalistic to me. Europe just doesnt go into things like that. Let me put it this way, in my Secondary school they had a portrait of HM The Queen in the Assembly Hall, during Prize Giving they would play the National Anthem and make all the parents stand up...more then afew complained about that!

When they played the National Anthem in ChristChurch-on-the-stray during the Service of Remembrance in November, it took EVERYONE by suprise...and the way the congregation kinda stopped singing during the Third verse (which was played second) you could tell they didnt really know the words...

This probably doesnt need to get out LOL, many Europeans find Americans far to patriotic as it is...without having a life size effigy of their President in some kinda morning oath taking.

I'm slightly you guys really have a flag hanging inside all your you really make your children chant some patriotic oath everyday?? is this normal...or just...
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