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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
He got fight of the night and impressed the UFC brass. I think if you're going to suffer a loss in your UFC debut then that's the way to do it
he gained a lot of fans too!
Yes, Marc Fiore was saying that despite the loss the UFC has no concerns over his progress at present. I didnt see the fight because I was on Amtrak, but I heard from others that he did well, and most importantly he handled his loss in the correct manner...all the same, I expect in private he was pretty upset also, he's not used to losing fights, he comes from a place where he's been pretty solidly always at the top, now he's surround by equals and betters and he has to really work hard. But he impressed, and he handled it well, and as Marc Fiore told me, now he's lost, he wont be nervous because he knows what a UFC loss is like now, do you follow? it takes the bite out of being frightened to fail.

Foster claims he knows what his mistakes were, and I watched from afar as he had a long consultation after the early morning pracitse with Marc and Todd. Believe me, they are already working on him ready for his next performance.

He has the right to be a little sad coz he didnt actually win...the laugh of it is, he got paid MORE then he would have if he had won, because of the FOTN Bonus, but even with low pay, you can tell that money is the last thing on these guys minds

Like I say, if you watch the interview he starts off a little sad, but by the time we are talking about why he trains, and about the gym, he's smiling and being more animated.

I can honnestly say ive liked EVERYONE I met. Even Todd Laux Poor Todd, I was extremely mean to him online at one point in time
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