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Originally Posted by VCURamFan View Post
Hahaha, prolly about 587!
Well its not uploaded yet. You realize I have almost 40MBs of Videos, Photographs and sound bytes to work with, and then a further 3 Journals and scattered notes to draw my reports from...this is going to take me a while guys so enjoy the wait

in the meantime, for those who havent seen them

Jens and I

This is Robbie Lawler going up and down...he was concentrating so he didnt see me snap a quick shot

Brian Foster, I'm not sure he enjoys weight training very much

Kyle Watson...if you dont know who he is then you havent been paying much attention to my weekly video blogs

Mark Fiore, a nice man, unless your in his class, then he's really quite mean. He doesnt tollerate fools in the gym environment lets put it that way, out of all the coaches ive seen so far, he was the most, authoritarian of them all, with an ex-force background I guess its no suprise...but woe betide he who fails to pay his dues during the jellybean workout I was nearly sick myself, and I was just watching.

Lookey its Ben!

and me an Ben in the Ramada Hotel Reception

the best place to check out my pictures as they are uploading is on my myspace...because I have litterally hundreds...once they are all up I can show you the best ones...but im only about hlaf way through! (im dsd619 on myspace btw)
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