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Originally Posted by Llamafighter View Post
I have to say, Dave that was probably the friendliest Robbie has sounded in interview
Good work buddy!
the trick with Robbie is to treat him like you would an untamed animal. You quietly observe from afar and take pictures when he's not aware. He doesnt like the attention, but doesnt mind it happening so long as its not in his face. So I got some fantastic shots of him lifting weights when he was concentrating and not aware of the camera, but he would move everytime he saw me raise the camera when he was at the reception desk. Originally he didnt really want to do the interview, he claimed he'd come in for a quick train and had to dash off...but he was there for ages and took his time, so I told him that we'd talk on the hop, that way I wouldnt be taking up his time, and he seemed alright with that. Again he took some encouragement to actually start talking more then in monosylabals. After the interview I would leave him alone and keep coming back every 5 moments or so and just have another short conversation. He just doesnt like to be pressurized. I asked him about the UFC, then I went away and pretended to be interested in the overhead music video...then I'd come back and I asked him about his own website...then I'd go and speak to Todd who was doing personal training, then I'd join in a conversation he was having with someone else...that way I got the contact with him...but he didnt feel like I was crowding him or that he was a special focus, because that would have made him distressed

When it came to signing the autographs He asked why there were arrows on the page that was the first time (other then when he first came in and recognised me and accosted me briefly) that HE had started a conversation with me. Trust it to be the embarrisment of having to identify whose signiture was whose using little arrows pointing to the autograph

He told me he wasnt sociable and didnt do small talk...neither is true, but he needs to feel comfortable around someone before those things can happen
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