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Originally Posted by Buc Nasty View Post
Dave, After reading the thread title I couldn't get the image out of my head of you prancing around the ring like Dusty Rhodes - in polka dot pants!
well there was this one awkward moment, where I asked Noah Inhofer if I could get a picture of me and him together...and he said it would be much better if we got a video of us two wrestling instead I said that was probably not the best idea in the world...he was MUCH bigger then me, he's alot more heavy set then he looks and that you cant see in photographs but he was already telegraphing for a shoot so I stept back to emphasis the point, and he shrugged and told me that perhaps I would perfer to accompany him on his run I told him that it was a very kind offer, but I dont really do running and I didnt want to slow him then he shrugged again. and aggreed to just do the boring photo instead

I havent actually uploaded that picture yet, but please check back coz I'll post it in here when I can find it
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