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Originally Posted by que View Post
i'm 10 seconds in and so far it has met my high expectations. i hoped you would start your epic tale with the word "right" and you did. blesssssssssss
here are a few more.

Interview with Brian Foster (HIT Squad/UFC)

He just lost his UFC debut so I think he was feeling a little bit down, but he got about more cheerful towards the end of the video

Interview with Cortez Coleman (HIT Squad)

You probably dont know him, but he was profiled on the HIT Squad website and there is links to it in the HIT Squad section of this forum, I've spoken to him online quite a bit

Interview with Marc Fiore (HIT Squad Coach)

This is one of those little gems I think he was a bit nervous about what I was going to ask him since we had a chat off air about Matt Pena first

Interview with Robbie Lawler (its rather short coz he really doesnt speak much )

Robbie doesnt talk much, I dont think he likes doing interviews and stuff, he claims he's not very sociable, I think he's just a little shy because he's increadibly funny and talks alot around people he knows well and feels comfortable with

I have this annoying habit of saying "got ya" all the time...that is VERY annoying after a while
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