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Well, my name is Arron and Iím from Bloomington IL. I have been married to my wife since Oct 26, 2002. My wifeís name is Casey and we have s little girls (Grace 3, Norra 2, Jenna 6 months). I work at State Farm Insurance. I love MMA and it is the only sport I watch all the time. I will watch some but only once in a while. I have been a member of this place pretty much from the start.

Like most people here I like to hunt and fish, I like cars and bikes. Iím currently putting a 454 in my 88 s10. I try to help people out when I can. I have had the luck to meet some of the people on the forum. I do consider everyone here my friend. I have had the great pleasure to meet Matt, Mark and Marc a few times and they all are great people.

I guess if you want more info just ask, Iím not sure what else to say.
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