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Originally Posted by badnews View Post
Nah thats Dave is CFD Johnson.... Cage Fighter Dave... he's a funny funny guy and a great fighter... trains at the Wolfslair with Bisping, Rampage et al. He's been on a few of the same promotions as me. My surname is Bownds.
if you've ever fought for the now defunct Cage Gladiators based in Liverpool...then we probably met in passing

Chris Zorba went and started a new promotion...olympian mma...or something like that...but I havent been invited to that ...coz I was like mainly linked to Emile Coleman...who left for personal committments...and his pulling out momentarily broke the partnership and original promotion.

The funny thing is that my original plan for my tour, which I came back from today, was to spend this night in Liverpool because of a planned event. But...that wasnt meant to be I guess

ooooooh....I know who you are...arent you a relation to warriorlion do you, or did you have one of the blog things on MMAHitPit....yes...I think you did
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