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Originally Posted by rearnakedchoke
As a Canadian, I am very proud of you my American friends. Finally, you have elected someone of merit who can lead your great nation into the success that it deserves. For too long you have been lead by sub-par leaders with only themselves as their agenda. You now have a selfless leader who can bring his great values to the Capitol of your Nation. These next Eight Years under the watch of the Great Barack Obama, your country will flourish and be an example to the rest of the world how a country in the free-world should be run.

God Bless America
No offense, but this exactly the kind of crap that really annoys me about the Obama-worshippers.

To say that Obama is a great leader, when he hasn't actually had a chance to lead yet, is silly and maybe even a little delusional.

Three years from now, when the next election starts, we'll have a better idea if he is a successful leader or not. As for now, the jury is still out.
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