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Originally Posted by Jonlion
Unlike most of the civlised world, i dont think the sun shines from Obama's backside and there are many things i remain sceptical on.

However if he is half as good a President as he is an orator, then America is going to be ok!

I knows words and cheap and easy but his speech was amazing and even me, and i have refused to get caught up in all of this felt moved by what he was saying.

I truly hope for America he delivers on what he says and that his words of hope can be a reality and not one huge fabrication.

Oh and i loved the Reverend Lowery's little part, and that Poet should be sacked! Did anyone else think it was awful!
Do you know he had to do his vows again because the MC botched the wording? He had to be sworne in again, today

As for his speech...well..we know its hard times, what I want to know is HOW he plans on "Rebuilding America" I dont get to het up over speeches...I mean his Administration REPLACES an Administration which went by the name of "The New America For The Twenty First Century" and that was less then a decade ago.

I like the words...but I shall like the action better...and its just to early to see what he's going to do...when they tell me Obama has done something, rather then Obama has said something...I'll start to pat attention

Little word on the name Barack...Did you know thats a Biblical name? did you also know it has Jewish roots? Spelt slightly in spelt like the phonetics of the word...see Europeans would be tempted to say Ba-Rack...
but if you listen to the Americans they almost say B'Rack. Well one of the Early Judges of Israel was called Deborah...she was the first to bring the THREE roles of the Judge together...firstly Military prowess, Secondly Political Prowess, and thirdly, that of the Spiritual Advisor.

When she came up against the resistance of a superior army she formed a coalition with a guy called Barak. Together they did well, but originially Barak told her that he would not fight this army unless she and her forces would join with his, even then they were vastly outweighed. I just thought that was interesting...thought I'd share
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