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Originally Posted by Spiritwalker
Well no offense to those that train "MMA". Something I have had to come to terms with.. training in MMA is not the same as training in a traditional martial art.
Thats because I suspect they dont bother teaching the FULL art to anyone. They could, there is no reason why they shouldnt. I guess they just dont see it important to competition. Actually I believe that it enhances competition by building up the athlete.

If those who taught MMA bothered to teach the FULL disciplines of all the arts they incorperate we wouldnt have half this issue. I still find it really strange when I talk to someone whose good enough to fight on TV...and doesnt realize that each Art comes with its own form of morals, much less wants to admit historically where those Morals come from (they arent all Christian, but they are all religious in someway)
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