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Default Old Iron excursion of 09 !! " Junk yard crawl "

Well Yesturday was a good day. Me , Nater , Mike my brother and a couple buddys from Pana Chad and Luke Taylor , we all loaded up and headed south to one of my favorite junk yards to do some searching. This yard is unique for several different reasons , 1 the shear amount of cars they have , 2 the amount of OLD cars they have , 3 the TYPE of old cars they have , 4 they still let people walk around the yard instead of keeping everyone locked out. I mean , this yard contains whats left of a factory 1970 plum crazy dodge challenger, numerous 55-57 chevys , Chevelles , mustangs , camaros , a few roadrunners and chargers , studebakers , corvairs a plenty , found a few super sport impalas , even a 65 ss impala convertable. If they made it there are good chances that this yard has it. The first time i went there i was in 6th grade , i went with my dad , even back then i was nuts over tri 5 chevys and i remember a 57 chevy convertable getting drug out of the timber going to a man that was going to restore it. And whats REALLY cool is that everything in there is forsale , welllllll his dad does collect some stuff but 90% of everything in there is for sale.

It was a MUDDY MESS. There was a good 6 inches of red clay mud on top of frozen ground that hadnt thawed yet so we were slippin and sliding all over this place. We got there at just before noon i think , and we actually huried through there jsut to get a look at what all is there, It was more of a recon mission to mark out and find what we wanted before we go back with tools and torches and start pulling stuff. I did get some upper windshield stainless for my 55 that i have been needing . If you have any fondness at all for old cars , you would love this place. It is just cool to see , to walk through all this american muscle and the workhorses that moved the families around this country for years . To look at a 1953 stude bullet nose champion and to think that one day , a long time ago she was all shiny black laquer and sittin on a showroom floor , that car was somebodys dream. To some folks its just a real good spot to get tetnis , but to others its art. Nate had his camera and was taking some REALLLY neat pictures that i cant wait to see , he will be posting them on here later. ive got a couple videos im going to have to edit down and ill post them also.

All in Alll it was a great time , My buddy Chad is a genius when it comes to these old cars , i mean , i know my stuff pretty dang good , but this guys knowledge is surpassed by none on this stuff, he has block casting numbers and head numbers to all the big ones memorized , his passion is the true street cars of the day , the ones with shag carpeting , fuzzy dice and the speed product sticker kit all over the back glass lol , some of the stuff hed spit out when he saw some of these piles of crap would almost put you on the ground laughing. Everytime he saw a ford festiva he would get all excited and make a stiff legged run /walk to it hollering NOOOOOOO WAYYY , OHHHHH #$% ,like he had just found 67 l88 vette laying there just to make everybody laugh. The ford festivas were shadowed tho by the LE CAR , yup a LE CAR ha ha ha lmao. We were all standing at the end of one road picking over some old chevy trucks and we didnt see Nate anywhere, then all of tes sudden ,this pack of like 4 junk yard dogs went APE***** we were looking back and all we could see was this pile of dogs and it sounded like 50 of them . Little did we know Nate was standing 30 yards away from them taking pictures of the dog fight lol.

Ill get the vids edited and Nater im sure will get some pictures up , it was a good time , after being stove up with single digit wind chills for about 3 or 4 weeks it seems like , have a day where it hit almost 60 was like being in hawaii and we made good use of it.
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