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Originally Posted by Tyburn

Regardless of the fact other sports let their participents cheat as a rule of thumb, MMA fans should be calling on and expecting nothing less then absolute zero tollerance on the issue...sadly I fear that ahlf the fans dont understand what a martial art is, and half the fighters arent being train properly in the artforms...I fear in ten years from now we COULD be baseball :(
Well no offense to those that train "MMA". Something I have had to come to terms with.. training in MMA is not the same as training in a traditional martial art.

But I don't feel that "banned substances" is rampant in MMA. Even though this is individual competition, there often seem to be more of a "team atmosphere" than in baseball and football. And a team is no good when it focuses on one individual.

Sure there are those that feel that they needs something extra (banned stuff).. Bonner, Silva, Franca, Gracie (imo Sherk got screwed)...But you also have Nick and Melivn who just used drugs.. If you look at all of those fighters... and will see a lot of self centered-ness..

paying a baseball player 20 mil a year, to play a game.. a football player 60 mil. Yet they are flown everywhere.. medical care, team doctors, staff upon staff.. millions of dollars to be made in sponsors...

yet when the big game is won.. rarely do you hear about the team that brought them there, it's always "I".. you never hear about "thanks Nike for support.."..

But when a fighter.. wins the big game..what's the firstthing the fighter really has to say... "I wanna thank..."

To many "team sports" competitors think that the revolves around them... no concept of team.. it's all individual achievement, and that's where the huge need for steroids comes from... IMO

It isn't the fault of the users.. it's a fault in the athlete. IMO
It is because you chose to get on the mat that makes you the winner. Think about how many people are not on that mat right now. - Luis Sucuri Togno
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