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I have followed baseball for a long time. My grandfather taught me the love of the game. He was a telegrapher for Western Union, and when I went to visit him he took me to the games in Milwaukee; he had to "work" sending out the play by play on the wire service. I got to sit in the booth.

Anyway, I still enjoy the game despite the aftermath of the steroid issue. Based on what we know now, while many did use PEDs, the vast majority have never done so. Given the testing in place now, the use of PEDS, while still possible is very difficult.

There is also the stigma; I collect sports memorabilia. I have burned some jerseys and so have some of my friends. Then there is the issue of the Baseball Hall Of Fame. How will these stigmatized players explain this to their children and grandchildren? This is all very sad. Had MLB instituted the testing program much sooner most of this could have been avoided. Now there is going to be book after book about this.

Of course baseball is not alone; there were earlier scandals involving drug use in the NFL and NBA. Then there's the whole blood doping scandal from the various international sports competitions. Oh yeah, the Tour De France?

Given the testing procedures now in place, I don't think the use of PEDs will get to be the serious problem it has been in other sports. It won't be totally absent given that we are dealing with humans.

(Gee I have rattled on about like Tyburn)

I have some jersey cases in my den that used to contain baseball jerseys. Lots of other baseball stuff too. My jersey cases will now contain an autographed shirt of Matt's, another one autographed by Phillipe Nover, and also there will be Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson and other MMA stuff.

The university where I work has a non-scholarship athletic program. I am going to their baseball games. It's up close and personal, I know the student athletes personally, I have met their parents and it is just very enjoyable.

Oh yeah, I will still watch an occasional Cubs game in the vain hope that..... well you know.

Instead of spending the money on the Direct TV baseball package I will be watching MMA Pay Per Views. It's great to watch men who you can respect for both what they do and who they are.

Sorry for the rant, this just touched a nerve.
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