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Originally Posted by atomdanger

Interesting article about A rod testing positive in 2003,
of course the year he broke a home run record and won MVP.

Anyhow, the article mentions that 104 players tested positive in 2003.

Imagine if 104 MMA fighters tested positive in major company,
imagine the scrutiny mma would have to deal with.
when put like that.

Its a MAJOR affiar if ONE tests positive...and I think thats absolutely right. there is no room in this sport for cheaters. If you cant win, lose with some dignity...dont cheat and get a win, or hope that cheating will help you win and then lose.

Martial arts and combat sports carry something that other sports dont. The only thing that protects other sports is usually the integrity of the participents and the strictness of the controlling insitutions. In Martial Arts, anyone who has been properly trained will have a sense of respect, honnor and morals plugged into them AS PART OF their training. All Ancient Arts descend primarily from some kind of Philo-deism. Now that may not be correct, or noticed in this post-modern world...but its a fact.

Fighters should be displaying these qualities and cheating obviously undermines would hope that some of the training thats taught to them would limit the amount of smack they produce, and the likelihood that they would cheat with low blows, illegal moves, or banned substances. Their ancient Masters would be turning in their graves, with the shame and disgrace that some Fighters have bought on themselves, their teams, and their arts with some of the poor performances and antics that some MMA fighters have employed in the last few years.

Regardless of the fact other sports let their participents cheat as a rule of thumb, MMA fans should be calling on and expecting nothing less then absolute zero tollerance on the issue...sadly I fear that ahlf the fans dont understand what a martial art is, and half the fighters arent being train properly in the artforms...I fear in ten years from now we COULD be baseball :(
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