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Originally Posted by County Mike View Post
I'm thinking Rogers connects with a stiff jab.
Fedor goes down, but isn't hurt.
Rogers follows him to the ground hoping for some ground and pound.
Fedor sinks in an armbar and the fight is over.
I'm pretty sure Rogers won't land anything significant, Fedor has incredible footwork and head movement. If it's going to be a boxing game, it will more than likely end quickly and violently for the reaper. People give Rogers more credit than he deserves, his win over Arlovski was almost certainly a fluke (ALMOST, who knows really, only time and possibly this fight, will tell). Fedor stuns him on the feet and finishes it on the ground, round 1 possibly round 2 if Fedor is cautious. Sorry to the reaper fans, just this fools opinion
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