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Jason 16
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Default I had my rematch with Garth stastinsky (sp on the last name)

to night I had my 5th match with this kid two years ago I wrestled him 4 times going 2 and 2 at (I teced him, he pined me, I pined him and I losted 6 to four) 132. the only diffrence is he isnt 132 and 5'4" he is more like 189 (215 walk around) and 6'3" while Iam only 155 and 5'9". I had to eat and drink my way up to 162.1 so I can bump up (I had to do this to fill a gap in our line up).I ended up loseing 7 to 4 (almost got an excape to make it 7 to 4)but I realy cant be mad at my self I was giveing up 35 pound or so and he was the league champ/state qualifier. I guess thats not bad for a second string 152 pounder. (Yea Iam second string stuck between two state place winners at 152 and 160)

just felt like shareing this because I thought it was kinda cool I gave a very good kid that iam extreamly small in comparison a run for his money.
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