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definatly a possiblity, but the man hasn't failed a urinalysis.

I had the Remy fight scored for Overeem but I can see it going either way. K-1 judges have always been bias when it comes to the bigger names in the org. You also have to remember that it isn't MMA, it's judged MUCH differently, Overeem did alot of clinching (which is viewed as stalling and i believe he was warned by the ref in round 2 for this) and the trips (which is all overeem did, he didn't knock down Remy) may have looked nice, but counted for nothing. Remy sealed round 3 10-8 with the straight right putting Allistair on his dutch booty (knockdowns are scored as automatic 10-8's, you can come back from it though). All that being said, I thought Overeem was aggressive and more efficient.

His fight against the legend Peter Aerts, was a fantastic fight and a great win for Allistair
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