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Wait a minute, it is day 2 of Obama's Presidency, why do I still have to go to work?

No, seriously, Obama is not a communist, he is just a typical rockstar politician. He has already started floating to the center in some respects, and I think that we will find he does not make good on ALL his promises simply because many of them are unrealistic and not in tune with the American people. I think that some of the far left-wing ideologues in this country ARE communists, but Obama does not seem to me like he wants a full blown communist state, but only time will tell us how he chooses to lead our nation.

Lots of things get said during election years, but I think once he starts getting in the thick of things he will see that there are certain things he cannot CHANGE. I also think we will start to see more criticism of him, even from the left wing zealots.

Constant CHANGE is the one the thing that always remains the same. It will be interesting to see how much he actually "changes" this country.
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