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Originally Posted by Champ2be
Im calling it now Anthony Johnson will be a big threat to GSP. He is the spliting image of GSP only taller. With a few more years under his belt that guy is gonna be unstoppable. Near is a dick He totally ripped the Diaz brothers off w/ his "taunting". Wish Danzig would have pulled off the win. Guess it will be Diaz vs. Danzig now. And really glad Lauzon won. Oh and the Veach fight was stopped soooo premature even though I think it was headed that way anyway, but Veach was getting pounded way worse.
I'd have to pretty much agree with all of that.... I think Rumble will be a threat sooner then 2 years if he keeps it up though..

I don't think he'll beat GSP... but I'd enjoy the fight that's for sure.
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