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Originally Posted by atomdanger
Right, its a significant difference, but not an OMG difference.
I mean, modern day man has produced 8 foot men, so...

I guess when I think ancient stuff I just expect big numbers,
so I was hoping for a 200 foot long snake or something lol
I hear that about the 8 foot man, but that's not the point. The sheer size difference is tremendous. I'm talking about the average height being 8 foot versus 5'9". The weight of those 5'9" guys on average is about 150, but most 8-footers are 400 pounds.

If that's the physical size difference on average, that's not an insignificant thing by any means.

Plus, like I said, the sheer mass of the snake, 500 pounds (for the largest anacondas) versus 2,500 pounds is a big big difference!
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