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Originally Posted by HAHNSBRO
Very true VCU. The key words were "good wrestlers" It doesn't mean they will become champions but most already have the right state of mind for competativeness speed and ajility. Yes a strong chin deffinantly makes a big differance. Would you rather go to the ground against a brawler or a wrestler? Ive been around champion wrestlers and the regement of training doesnt match those of an avarage martial arts student.
My nephew eats right, runs twice a day, weight trains once a day as well as wrestling practics once a day. All that just to be competative. My brother still trains in a simular manner.
Completely unfair comparison.

You said "Champion wrestlers", then compared them to "average martial arts student"

lol, You compare a champion to an average student.
Soo I would hope the regimen didn't even come close.

compare a "champion wrestler" to a "champion martial artist" and I am sure you will find they are pretty similar as far as work ethic goes.

One doesn't become a champion in a combat setting being lazy,
my point was wrestling isn't any better than a judo champions, or BJJ world champion coming over in my opinion.
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