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While I do think Big John should have been given his licence I ain't gonna automatically blame Dana and the UFC for it. I find it amazing how many Folks seem to think Dana has so much power he can tell the Athletic commission what to do. Hey next time I have a rough day maybe I should blame the all powerful Dana White!
Dana doesn't have to tell NSAC anything ... Kizer dislikes what BJM said about the NSAC, and he also knows that Dana didn't like what BJM said about the UFC ... so he can keep BJM's application in the pile, which is totally fine ... he also knows that the UFC holds many fights in NV and that if there is a chance that UFC holds less shows there, well, that is less money for the NSAC ... so it makes complete sense ... also, if BJM was given his license, there would have been people on the other end saying that BJM got special treatment from the NSAC and jumped the line ...

it was a good decison imo on the NSAC's part ..
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