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Originally Posted by Chuck
I really don't think it had anything to do with the outcome of that fight.... it's just GSP haters or Penn huggers trying to live one more day in the glory of a severely beaten fighter.

Penn talked a much, much better game then he fought....
The end result may have been the same vaseline or no vaseline, BUT it sure put a BIG ? in there. I did wonder if Penn would gas like he has before, but I sure didn't expect such a lopsided fight from the 2nd round. I'm sorry, but Penn's legs kept slipping when I don't think they should have. That man is more flexible than a Russian "girl" gymnast and Gumby put together so getting his legs up to GSP's shoulders and head should have been a piece of cake, but he wasn't able to. I don't care for either GSP or Penn so I'm not a "lover" or "nuthugger" to either, but something wasn't right.

Hopefully, the UFC and other organizations will enforce these new rules regarding who handles the vaseline tub and who's in the ring between rounds.
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